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Adults trainings/Level 1

Adults diving :

Level 1

Make your first steps into the world of diving! You want to train for diving; this Level 1 is for you!
This is the "permit" that allows you to dive in France or anywhere in the world and up to 20 meters deep with confidence Training will teach you : equipment, immersion techniques and stabilization, and appropriate behaviour to dive safely and with pleasure.
With this training learn and discover the underwater environment! Level 1 is divided into six technical diving.
If you want to learn more gradually, you can train in a first qualification PE 12 (4 dives).
You will be allowed to dive to 12 meters maximum.

PE1+ PE2 = Level 1

Conditions :
  • Minimum Age: 12-14 years old(depending on morphology) with parental consent
  • Medical certificate for the practice of diving.
  • Prerequisites: First dive recently done.

Once acquired Level 1, you can
- Decide to improve your experience as a diver in the area of 20-40 m by directing you to the PE40.
- Choose the independence, then you have to prepare yourself to PA12 (six exploration dives previously validated in your log book are required).

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