Cap d'Agde

Child trainings/Stages de formation

Training courses

The child has the opportunity to improve, to make fun is small groups to explore the marine environment,learn to reconize his equipment, learn to communicate under water, move and breathe, recognize different species of fish.

6 to 12/13 years old to each of his program!

A child log book is presented at the first level.
That allows the child to tell his dives.

Objectifs :
  • Physical contact with the aquatic environment,
  • Awareness of the existence of underwater rich and varied life,
  • Explore the diversity of underwater landscapes,
  • Living and exchange experience of the environment with friends.

    There are three child diving qualifications, AQUATICUS, TETARDO and EXPLORATOR.
  • formation aquaticus et tetardo pour les enfatns

And what about improving?

4 dives + kit (a funny notebook with an underwater board , a "Bélouga Plongee"'s tee-shirt )

This course takes place in 4 technical dives and provides an opportunity for the child to improve his breathing, communication, balance and develop independence while having fun.

The book "playful" provides information on all the phenomena that the little diver underwater feels. This course is open to all children who want to improve diving.

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