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Adults trainings/Autonomous Qualification Diver 1 - PA12

Adults diving :

Autonomous Qualification Diver 1 - PA12

Adaptations to the basic techniques of shallow autonomy.
Diver level 1 having experience,you want to discover autonomy in small depths? It's now possible for independent divers with level 1 to learn to dive up to 12 m. You will became level 1 /PA12. This qualification is obtained after 6 training dives.
It is during this qualification that your monitor will pay particular attention to the first developments capacity in underwater autonomy. Your instructor will introduce you to the underwater evolution autonomy.


Objectives of the course :
  • Control the direction and control the depth, diving time and autonomy in air.
  • Control of propulsion using flippers at surface and in immersion.
  • Mastery of communication with teammates and appropriate responses to signs.
  • Integrate a group with mutual monitoring between teammates.
  • Dive planning and adaptation to underwater.
Conditions :
  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
  • Medical certificate for the practice of diving.
  • Prerequisites: Level 1 and 6 diving exploration in the logbook.

Level 1 + PA 12 = Level 1 PA12

You decide to improve your self diver moove to the PA20 (six exploration dives previously validated in your log book are required).

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