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Adults trainings/Autonomous Diver Qualification 2 - PA20

Adults diving:

Autonomous Diver Qualification 2 - PA20

Adaptations to techniques scuba diving at medium depth.

This course allows to dive without supervision between 12 and 20 meters deep. You will prepare your own safety but also that of your teammates. The PA20 is divided into three technical dives if you have PA12, or 8 if you're Level 1. Theory will complete the training: basic physics and physiology, prevention, decompression, equipment, rules...

Objectives of the course :
  • Proficiency in the use of teammates equipment.
  • Mastery of decompression and return to the surface at a controlled rate, maintaining the level of security with parachute landing.
  • Mastery of intervention on a diver in difficulty from the bottom.
Conditions :
  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
  • Medical certificate for the practice of diving.
  • Prerequisites: PE20 and PA12validated + 6 dives exploration validated in the log book after the PA12.

LEVEL 1 + PA 20= LEVEL 1 PA20

Once PA20 acquired :
- You Decide to improve your experience of diver with PE40, supervision you need 10 exploration dives since PA12 or PE20qualification.
- With PE40, you can choose autonomy. Then you have to prepare yourself for the acquisition of skills to operate independently between 20-40 meters and move to the PA40.

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